About Me


Mark McClure, LPC

As a Christian Licensed Professional Counselor, my primary clientele are those who are seeking Biblical counseling regarding their individual and/or family situations.  I always strive to communicate to my clients how God’s word applies to their specific area of concern by meeting them where they are at, no matter how far off course they think things are.  I use empirically based counseling techniques which are based on the most trusted modalities (CBT, DBT, & Psychodynamic Therapy) and framed through the Biblical standards of Christianity. Most of my clients struggle with knowing what to do in a particular situation that they have not been able to resolve.  Most Christians live with guilt and shame about their problems and never feel comfortable or safe enough to reach out, for fear of being judged.  I want you to feel as if you can talk about anything without condemnation as we examine and interpret how Scripture informs the next step.

I enjoy connecting with people in a very real and personal way that helps set the stage for working through tough, and often complicated, issues.  Where trust is built, goals are made, and insight is gained.  I believe that when we are willing to let God determine our course of action, we tend to seek the objective truth rather than what we think is right–that is the soil in which I seek to counsel from.  My desire is to assist the Christian in becoming more self-aware and reliant on the Holy Spirit for living with power and peace.

If you are someone who feels lost, alone, or defeated by your circumstances, I look forward to meeting with you and discovering how God wants to transform your life.

What are my credentials?

  • B.S. Psychology (2010)
  • M.S. Professional Counseling (2013)
    • Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oregon
  • M.S. Divinity (2017)
    • Ecclesiastically endorsed through Liberty Baptist Fellowship

Professional Experience

  • Job Corps Counselor (2014-2016)
  • Oregon Tech Mental Health Counselor (2016–Current)
  • DHS Child Welfare Counselor (2016–Current)
  • Private Practice Therapy (2016–Current)
  • U.S. Army National Guard Chaplain (2015–Current)

What is my purpose here?

I hope to encourage my readers and clients to thoughtfully consider the information I present in my blog and the dialogue we have in therapy; interacting with it in such a way that it inspires practical change in a positive and meaningful way mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.